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Spring Bazaar

Spring Bazaar Sat. March 15, 9-2 pm Vendors, crafters,  artists and more will fill the halls of the RACC, join us for a break from winter! Vendors: Please call Lorie Muney at 269-903-5820 for table rental/booth space.

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Amish Traditions

BROWN BAGS, AMISH TRADITIONS & HAYSTACK DINNERS! (Carolyn Mack Tours) Thurs. June 19 $109 (Payment by May 29th confirms your reservation, or until full) Sit back, relax and observe the Amish lifestyle as we travel through the picturesque back roads of Northern Indiana. We’ll step back in time and learn about the plain people. With a [...]

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ArtPrize Tour 2014

ArtPrize (Carolyn Mack Tours) Oct. 8, 2014 $79 (Payment by Sept. 24 confirms your reservation, or until full) ARTPRIZE! It’s a cultural event unlike any other with more than 1700 artists from around the world displaying their works throughout the city of Grand Rapids for all to see. It is the world’s richest, most radically open art [...]

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Trains of West Virginia

Trains of West Virginia (Ed & Ted's Excellent Adventures) May 27 - June 1st $$1299 pp Double Occupancy $1579 Single / $1249 Triple (scroll down to pay $50 deposit to hold your spot. You must pay complete amount by 4/20/14) All Aboard! This Excellent Rail Adventure is sure to delight! Join us as we explore four [...]

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Maine: Mountains to the Sea

Maine- Mountains to the Sea (Ed & Ted's Excellent Adventures) June 7-16, 2014 $$1799 pp Double Occupancy $2345 Single/ $1659 Triple (scroll down to pay $100 deposit to hold your spot. You must pay complete amount by 5/1/14) Join us as we head east for a coastline adventure! This travel adventure is filled to the brim [...]

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Thunder over Louisville

Thunder Over Louisville (Ed & Ted's Excellent Adventures) April 11-13 $499 pp Double Occupancy $639 single/$479 triple (scroll down to pay $50 deposit to hold your spot. You must pay complete amount by 3/11/14) Rated as one of the top 100 events in North American, the Derby Festival's Opening Ceremonies are truly a sight to behold. The Air [...]

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Intro to Photography

  Introduction to Photography Using your Camera Creatively! Instructor: Susan Andress 6 week class, Mondays beginning Jan. 27 6:30- 9:00 pm Members of the KIA: $120, Non-Members: $140 This class is for students who want to learn how to use their digital cameras more creatively. Basic photographic concepts on exposure control and basic composition are explored through lectures, demonstrations [...]

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Civic Theatre: Story Stage!

Your child brings a favorite book to life in STORY STAGE! Saturday, Jan. 25 for ages 6-8 9:00-11:00 a.m. $35.00 In this two-hour creative dramatics workshop, students will bring a book to life and set the story on stage by the end of class. Putting teamwork and cooperation to the test, theatre skills will be gained [...]

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Basket for all Seasons!

Make a Basket for all Seasons! Tues. Mar 4 and 11 12:30-3:30 pm $55  Come learn the basics to weaving a handmade basket and paint four cute attachments to switch your basket for each season. You will learn basic basket knowledge and basic weaving techniques. You will learn about the different kind of reed used [...]

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Calligraphic fun with Markers!

Calligraphy with Markers! Thursday, Feb. 6 12:00 - 3:00 pm $20 Participants will experiment with different kinds of markers to make fun letters for cards, envelopes, posters, etc.   We will play with various embellishing materials and techniques and discuss templates and an easy way to 'frame' a colorful gift monogram.  This workshop will be [...]

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