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Covid & Classes On Hold Explanation

We have classes in the works for 2021, however, due to the pandemic, all of our in-person classes are on hold.  Please take a look at our links below, which offer ideas of activities you can do in the meantime.  We miss you and can not wait until we can see you again!

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Kalamazoo Civic Theatre Offerings

We're pleased to partner with the Kalamazoo Civic Theatre and their Academy of Theatre Arts. This season we're offering three different classes. To register and pay please scroll to the bottom of the page. Don't Wait - Create! Ages 6-8  $35 Sat. October  18,  1-3 pm Who needs a script when we have imagination? Using [...]

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Kindermusik by Coryell

Kindermusik is back at the RACC! Join Kindermusik educator Ann Louise Coryell in a music and movement program for young children and their parents. More than a music class, it uses music to stimulate all areas of early childhood development. In every class they sing, dance, play instruments and listen to music from all over the world. [...]

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