George de Alth has been practicing Tai Chi for nineteen years. He has taught beginning and advanced classes over the past fourteen years in the Kalamazoo area.

Look for more Continuing Tai Chi classes in January of 2025!

Continuing Tai Chi with George – Winter

This class will build on the content of the preceding class which covers the first 17 moves of the 108 move Tai Chi set. It is open to attendees that complete the January 2024 Tai Chi class or anyone who attended the winter 2023 classes. Depending on those who enroll, the first class will offer a review of the first 17, or it will proceed with move 18 and those thereafter. As with the January class, during each meeting there will be a period of review and a period of learning the next two or three moves. The learning process is incremental, and there is a need for each student to practice and retain earlier moves of the set as the class proceeds from week to week. The intention of this class is for each student to learn up to move 35.

There will be a one hour practice session offered each week at no extra cost. The day and time will be established during the first class of this session, and it will reflect space availability and the preferences of the students.

Loose fitting clothing and comfortable gym type shoes are recommended.

Minimum of 6 to start the class.