TUNE OUT THE MENTAL CLUTTER AND TUNE IN TO YOUR INNER CALM! Meditative Doodling with the Doodling Duchess is just what the doctor ordered!  No experience required!

Thursday, February 9

6-7:30 pm


Ages 14 and upSketch book and markers provided!

During this Meditative Doodling Workshop, participants will learn the power of meditative doodling. Monica Harris, The Doodling Duchess, will demonstrate how putting emotions, shapes, and colors together can lead to a state of mindfulness. Discover how doodles give visual clarity to feelings and how to handle them.

Participants will be encouraged to share with others–share the energy that we are all in this together. Take some time to reduce anxiety, embrace self-awareness, and communicate with those around us.

No artistic training is necessary. Seriously! Anyone can doodle. Each participant will be provided a doodling sketch book and a set of fine-tipped markers to take home at the end of the workshop and continue the meditative doodling practice.