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It’s almost time to head to Chicago to shop at The Merchandise Mart! If you signed up for a friend and didn’t supply their email address, please be sure to forward this information to them!



  8:10 am  ARRIVE AT RACC: coffee, hot chocolate, breads & cookies
  8:30 am  DEPART THE RACC
10:00 am  REST STOP: Indiana Welcome Center, I-94
11:30 pm  ARRIVE AT SHOW:  Lunch and Dinner in Chicago are on your own.
7:30 pm  DEPART FOR THE RACC: wine, cheese, crackers and fruit for the ride
  8:30 am  REST STOP: Michigan Welcome Center, I-94
10:30 pm  ARRIVE AT RACC
The above times are Michigan (EST) time.  Please remember that your phone will likely automatically switch to Illinois (CST) time, which is an hour earlier (7:00 pm Michigan time = 6:00 pm Illinois time, an hour behind Michigan)


  1. Restrooms: We will make one stop half-way to Chicago and on the return trip. If necessary, there also is a bathroom available on the bus.
    2.  Cell numbers: When you arrive at the RACC, we will collect your cell/mobile phone numbers, so that we can text reminders and reach you in case of emergency or the unlikely event that the schedule changes.  Please make sure we have your number before you set off to shop.
    3. Lunch and Dinner are ON YOUR OWN:There are several delicious eateries inside the Mart (click here), as well as within walking distance of The Mart (click here) and many gourmet foods are available as part of the show.
    4. Credit Card:  Please call your credit card company and/or debit card bank to alert them of your trip.  There will be vendors from all over the country, and your card may be shut off if your purchases are outside your normal shopping pattern.
    5.  WiFi: WiFi is available on the bus.
    6.  Back Up Phone Battery:  Please be sure you can keep your cell phone battery charged for the entire day in case you need to get in touch with us, or in case we need to get in touch with you.  Please bring your charger or back-up battery.
    7.  Plan Your Day:  The Mart is very large.  We recommend that you review the artists (click here), and take a look at the floor plan (click here) and make a plan to shop your most desired artists first.  There is a package and coat check–each item is $3.  You may also leave your coat on the bus, it will be locked.  You are allowed to bring backpacks. Wear comfortable shoes!