Raking for Ron

Ron is a Veteran.

Ron needed help raking leaves.

Ron signed up for Rake N Run.

Ron took part in our Rake N Run program–a partnership with Gateway Academy in which students provide raking for community members who are unable to do it themselves.

He was so grateful for the students’ help, Ron insisted on throwing them a pizza party afterward. While the students ate and played pool, they talked with Ron about history and his experiences–he served as an Army nurse at West Point following the Vietnam War and is a history enthusiast and former Civil War reenactor.  The students loved it, and this was a great opportunity for the them to not only learn about volunteerism and service, but also to connect with a community member from another generation.

Ron, what does this RACC program mean to you?

“It means a lot to me because I am getting to the point where I can’t rake anymore.  I can’t give these children high enough marks.  They were absolutely wonderful–so kind and respectful and so nice to talk to!  The week after, I visited the school because I wanted to learn more about the program and what they do there and if they needed any support.  I feel like I have a friend at Gateway Academy.” — Mr.  Ron

This is what happens when you give. 
Wonderful things happen when you give to the RACC.  Support your Community Center with a generous donation!