Anna’s Learning Life Skills at the RACC!

14-year-old Anna began taking classes with The Gull Lake Partnership (GLP) this year.  Previously, she had been home schooled exclusively.  One of the GLP classes she attends, Culinary Kitchen, takes place right here at the RACC!  Anna and her classmates are learning an important life skill–how to prepare nutritious, well-balanced, and delicious dishes, as well as some holiday favorites!

Anna, what is your favorite part of the class?

“The community of it!  I’ve made so many great friends!  The teachers are really, really helpful.  And, I just really like cooking, and they have taught me so much more than I could have dreamed.”

We love seeing these kids learn and grow!  So often, they underestimate their own abilities and are delighted and proud, rightly so, to show off their newfound skills. This wouldn’t happen without your support.
This is what happens when you give. 

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