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$45 for all three sessions or $18 per session drop-in.

Our foam rolling class is a guided full-body self-massage to reduce stress, promote healing, release muscle tightness, and increase overall range of motion. Self-massage has been around for decades but is now gaining momentum in the mainstream health and fitness world.

Everyone from seasoned athletes, weekend warriors to chronic pain suffers use this technique as the rewards are immediate. Simply rolling over the foam rollers increases oxygen and blood flow into the muscles, encouraging release of myofascial tissue tightness, trigger points, and muscle knots.

Join Sherry Lynn and learn how to self-massage everything from head to toe. Three Sessions: 45 minutes, beginning at 10:00 am on Wednesdays, November 30, December 7 & 14.

Must call to register, 629.9430.  No drop-ins, cash or check made out to Sherry Lynn King only.